Play Space/s


Dear Everyone,

At the Board of Trustees meeting on the 18th December, Janet Kelly presented the documents that will be used for the recruitment and employment of a new Principal. It is planned to lodge an advertisement in the online edition of the Education Gazette as soon as possible and in their magazine in the middle of January.

All being well, we will then appoint a Principal for the beginning of Term 2, 2018.

Progress on the construction of the new playground has been slow but steady with a consignment of new equipment due to arrive in the new year.

With three classrooms operating from the beginning of next year, it looks like the senior class (Tracey Wearing), will comprise Year 6, 7 and 8; the middle class (Toni Gamble), Years 4 and 5; and the Junior class (TBA), Years 0, 1, 2 and 3. Please understand that this may change, depending on new enrolments.

Have a happy and relaxing holiday season.

Kind regards,

Tony Draaijer

(On behalf of the Board of Trustees.)