Kenepuru Learning Area

Naumai haere mai! Welcome back for Term 2.
Theme 1 2017

Our theme this term is Te Hoiere and Me, which flows on from last term. This theme is helping students to consider the world we are a part of and how we can make decisions to manage and improve the quality of the school and town’s physical & social environment. We have been invited to spend a day and possibly a night on Te Hora Marae. While on the Marae students will be exposed to legends from around the Marlborough area and will take part in exciting hands on activities all while learning about our culture. Our curriculum areas will be integrated together for more efficient learning.

This term for developing our cognitive functioning and skill set, we are using Feuerstein's Instrument to enrich our understanding of emotions. Learning to identify, express and respond to a range of emotions in a positive and healthy way will help learners to build a stronger relationships and empathy toward others and a better understanding of themselves, increasing resilience and better equilibrium for a better life.

Enrichment through the Feuerstein instruments will continue to help learners to identify cognitive functioning and support learning and thinking across the wider curriculum and beyond the classroom. Kenepuru kids will be focusing on thinking and expressing themselves through circle time where each student will get the opportunity to reflect and have their voice heard. Through this, students will gain useful skills to help them relate to others and ultimately themselves.

Our focus for physical education will be large ball skills where we will focus strongly on soccer and netball skills.

For writing this term we will be using Ministry of Education resources that have been developed by role models from New Zealand. These resources have been designed to help children enjoy writing by using short animated videos and asking them what happens next. They encourage students to be creative with their writing. An extra that is included with each animated video is a short inspirational video from the role models explaining why they love writing.

To begin the term in mathematics we will be finishing off our mapping unit and then moving into understanding the relationships between ones, tens, hundreds and thousands. We will still be developing basic facts skills.

Exciting items happening around the school and town this term

  • 11th May- Jenny Buck in Kenepuru talking with students about their issues around road safety and buses (Students organised this last term as a part of their theme Te Hoiere and Me)
  • 16th May- Enviroschools/ Small Township session
  • 17th May- Alex from World Vision coming in and talking to Havelock
  • 18th May- Jenny in Kenepuru for a Sign Language session
  • 1st/2nd June - Marae visit
  • 14th June - KiwiCan estuary clean up
  • 16th June - Reports sent home
  • 22nd June - Learning conferences begin

As a form of daily communication we will continue to use a Boomerang Book which will require a parent or caregiver to sight and initial each night ready for return to school the following day. Ideally this will be used to communicate any suggestions/concerns that may arise and will also be a place to find important notices. This will work in conjunction with the Reading Log which is used to keep a record of how many nights reading students have achieved in order to receive reading awards every 25 nights.

Nardia Allan