Kenepuru Learning Area

Naumai haere mai! Welcome back for term 3.

Our theme last term was Te Hoiere and Me. This theme helped students to consider the world we are a part of and how we can make decisions to manage and improve the quality of the school and town’s physical & social environment. We were lucky enough to spend a day on Te Hora Marae. While on the Marae students were exposed to legends from around the Marlborough area and took part in exciting hands-on activities all while learning about our culture. Students in Kenepuru and Pelorus also planned for their Student Army Day which will be on the 31st of August. They will take part in tree, herb, vegetable and flower planting, make weka motels and bird feeders etc. This day has been solely planned by the students.  

Our theme this term (Garage Band) this is centred around music and technology that can be made in a garage from all sorts of objects. Students will be investigating noise, exploring and designing sound. Kenepuru have already looked at what sound is and how and why sound is used in movies. Our next step is to explore the creation of sounds with non-traditional items.Tor Freeman kids on trumpet 530x342

Feuerstein - This term for developing our cognitive functioning and skill set, we are using Feuerstein's Instrument Compare and Discover the Absurd. Students will discover and explore the nature of an absurdity between two situations. This instrument presents students with activities that foster and enhance the process of comparison through scanning and analysing information.

Physical Education - We are already well into ourCross-country training. We are nearly ready for the 25th of August. Following Cross-country, we will be developing our small ball skills.

Writing - This term we will be focusing on identifying different types of sentences and how to correctly construct these. This will then link into our topic Garage Band where students with develop a script as a class.

Mathematics - In Weeks 1 - 4 we are focusing on MONEY. Students will become familiar with NZ currency and will be able to identify and compare the values of different units of currency. Students will also recognise note and coin values.

In Weeks 5 - 10 we will be focusing on STATISTICS. Students will learn to compare and explain the likelihoods of outcomes for a simple situation involving chance, acknowledging uncertainty and investigate questions by using the statistical enquiry cycle independently: 
- gather and display category and simple whole-number data 
- interpret displays in context

Exciting items happening around the school and town this term

  • 9 Aug   - Marlborough Cross Country
  • 25 Aug – Pelorus Cluster Cross Country
  • 31 Aug- Kenepuru and Pelours- Students Army (from 11:20)
  • 31 Aug – Keeping Ourselves Safe/Puberty Hui with Parents
  • 1 Sep – Teacher Only Day – Teachers upgrading First Aid Cert
  • 23 Aug - Choir Rehearsal at Renwick
  • 27 Sep – Music Festival
  • 28 Sep – Spring Fest entries in (Schedule out later this term)
  • 29 Sep – Last Day of term

As a form of daily communication we will continue to use a Boomerang Book which we ask a parent or caregiver to sight and initial each night ready for return to school the following day. Ideally this will be used to communicate any suggestions/concerns that may arise and will also be a place to find important notices. This will work in conjunction with the Reading Log which is used to keep a record of how many nights reading students have achieved in order to receive reading awards every 25 nights.

Nardia Allan