Pelorus Learning Area

Kia Ora Tatou. Nga Mihi Nui.

The theme from last term, Te Hoiere and Me, continues as we begin to look more at our connections with our surroundings, beginning with writing our own pepeha in preparation for our whole school marae visit. 

Students will also delve deeper into the Enviroschool’s lessons, which aim to develop an awareness of what goes on in our place and how we fit into it as responsible and contributing citizens. Last term’s research assignments have enabled students to be one step closer to contributing to the Marlborough District Council's Small Township Programme 'Love Where You Live.' The purpose of this programme is to:

  • Design a liveable town with an attractive central space
  • Allow freedom of movement, connectivity and accessibility
  • Strengthen a sense of place and unique identity
  • Enhance the use of, enjoyment and pride in outdoor public spaces

Our students will be included in the plan for our community to create a kind of place where people want to live, work and play. Having students involved in this process will help them to be informed participants who are Theme 1 2017able to work cooperatively, take ownership and respect their community.

With Mrs Wearing training for Reading Recovery, Miss Toni Gamble and Matua B also spend time with Pelorus - literacy for Toni and numeracy for Mr B... already it seems this makes the day go faster. You can view a brief staff profile here

As part of our daily Feuerstein lessons we will continue to use the instrument 'Identifying Emotions' which capitalizes upon the relationship between emotional and cognitive states. Students are asked to recognize emotions from pictures of facial expressions and connect them with illustrated scenes that are likely to cause them. The exercises are made increasingly difficult by the gradation of possible causes among given scenes. One choice is always irrelevant, but the others vary in terms of emotional intensity. Thus the challenge for students is to reason about their chosen link between cause and emotional consequence. This learning is then intended to be taken off the page and related to authentic contexts which students can relate to in order to develop a principle which they will remember and apply to many more contexts. Activities which follow on from Feuerstein directly relate to current assignments students are working on.

Whilst the class is now looking at the happy area of math called fractions, it is also being challenged to consolidate the fundamentals of fast and accurate recall of basic facts and computation. Many are finding the discipline of method, setting out and even the easy and clear formation of numerals hard. Some assessment work before reports go home should add to each student's reflection on their progress and how they have responded to their goals set in February. These should be revisited via OneNote. There is much work for us to do, thankfully it is still May. 

Dates of interest - check school website calendar...

  • Week 4 - Wed 24 May - Maud Island overnight for 10 students with Mrs Allan
  • Week 5 - Mon 29 May  National Young Leaders conference in ChCh for a small group of seniors
  • Week 5 - Thu 1 June Te Hora Marae visit for the whole school (overnight for Pelorus & Wakamarina)
  • Week 6 - Life Ed mobile classroom
  • Weeks 8 & 9 Learning conferences

Remember the three R's, they need to be seen to be believed.

Tracey Wearing
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