Pelorus Learning Area

Kia Ora Tatou. Nga Mihi Nui.

This term's theme is Garage Band. We will be looking at making our own music from things we can find in our garage.Tor Freeman kids on trumpet 530x342

Students will first investigate noise by making sound using objects in and around our classroom. We will look at short video clips with and without noise to understand how important noise and sound is to a video. Students will then make their own sound and noise to put over top of a video.

Students will design and gather information to make their own instrument. They need to think about the appearance, quality of construction and sound to ensure their instrument is successful. Students will then start to layer sounds to make music with others.

Once we have finished our instrument we will explore different sounds and different genres to result in a class band. 

Dates for reference... see also the web calendar and newsletter

  • 25 Aug – Pelorus Cluster Cross Country at Canavastown
  • 31 Aug- Kenepuru and Pelours- Students Army (from 11:20)
  • 31 Aug – Keeping Ourselves Safe/Puberty Hui with Parents
  • 1 Sep – Teacher Only Day – Teachers upgrading First Aid Cert
  • 23 Aug - Choir Rehearsal at Renwick
  • 27 Sep – Music Festival
  • 28 Sep – Spring Fest entries in (Schedule out later this term)
  • 29 Sep – Last Day of term

Remember the three R's, they need to be seen to be believed.

Tracey Wearing
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