The Board's Chairperson

Welcome and greetings to you all.

Ben RoborghThe students, parents, trustees and staff hope your association with Havelock School will be both a rewarding and pleasant one.

The coming years will provide many interesting opportunities for you as a parent, to play an active part in both the life of your son or daughter and the school. It is only through involving ourselves in the community life of the school and its activities that the school is better able to serve the community for which it was established.

The second decade of the not so new millennium is now more than halfway through and will continue to bring many changes that will concern you. Major changes in the administration of schools has already taken effect and further developments concerning the curriculum and national standards are also under way and will have an increasing effect on teaching and learning in schools.

Havelock School has enjoyed significant gains from the efforts of parents and the community in general. The ideal environment and facilities available today reflect the great commitment and stewardship dating from 1861.

We trust you will continue to be actively concerned about the quality of learning and demonstrate this by identifying yourself as closely as possible with your school and being a critical element in the triangular learning partnership so essential in supporting your children's education.

May I extend a very warm welcome to the school albeit in an electronic format. Havelock School enjoys a tradition of helping its students learn for life.

From its earliest times students have moved beyond Havelock into an increasingly complex world. Today students are still very much encouraged to look beyond the immediate but with a hand firmly on the present and an appreciation of what was the past.

Ben Roborgh
Board of Trustees