Pelorus Learning Area

Welcome to Term 2, 2018. Our class has grown from 16 to 20 students, with two Year 5 students now joining us. 


This term our main curriculum topic is Edible Technology, integrated with Social Science and ICT. Our unit is called 'Immigrant Biscuit Technology'. The design brief given to students requires them to develop a biscuit for a group of immigrants, that combines parts of the immigrants' culture with New Zealand culture. They must produce, package and market the biscuit. Students are grouped into 'companies' to make key decisions on which country their 'immigrants' will come from, then to research their culture and combine with aspects of the students' own culture. Each student will choose whether to be part of the production, packaging or marketing team and design their own technological outcome by the end of term. 

download-1.jpgOther exciting plans for this term include involvement in the NZ wide Chapter Chat - A Twitter Book Chat for NZ kids. The twitter chat is based around a chapter book, which is read aloud in class. Students do the provided activities throughout the week and then on Friday they 'tweet' (share) with the rest of the kids in NZ also taking part. This term's book is called Posted.

Screen Shot 2018 02 01 at 9.19.21 PMBex Learning Hubs for Maths and Literacy are being used to enable students to progress through their learning individually. These google sites provide students with valuable information at their finger tips, to help them advance quicker and also look back, should they need need to revisit any learning. 

downloadAs always, I welcome whanau/caregivers to come into class at any time to see what's going on for yourself. However, if you would prefer to keep up to date with daily learning online, sign up to your child's SeeSaw account. Details will be out in boomerang books shortly. 

 Dates of Interest:

  • Tue 29 May to Thu 31 May - NYLD Christchurch (8 seniors)
  • Wed 30 May - Maud Island overnighter (10 seniors)
  • Mon 04 Jun - Queen's Birthday public holiday
  • Thu 7 Jun & Tue 12 - Life Education with Harold
  • Fri 15 Jun - Waitaria Bay Orienteering
  • Fri 06 Jul - Pelorus' Assembly & last day of term 
Tracey Wearing