Special Programmes & Events

This page has been created as a place the school can place important information about special programmes or events. Links within items placed here are either external in a variety of formats or internal which are likely to be in .pdf format for easy downloading and printing if necessary. Overtime some forms will become digital or smart as our skill set catches up with the technology.


New thinking about thinking
FeuersteinSunday - TVNZ Aug 2014 (13:52)

Rabbi Ravi Feuerstein talks about the Feuerstein method with Kathryn Ryan
Nine to Noon Radio NZ 5 August 2014

The Wakamarina Feuerstein Pilot (2015) (pronounced Foyer stine)
Parent Update Dec 2015
Feuerstein Pilot Stage II (2016)
BoT Update May 2016

The Bigger Picture
The Feuerstein Method - an overview Ravi Feuerstein (pdf)
Feuerstein International Video May 2014
Feuerstein Method - Step Forward Jun 2013
This YouTube movie shows the variety of the amazing work of the Feuerstein Institute, which gives hope to many people, and improves the lives and cognitive functioning of so many more.
Radiolive's Duncan Garner talks with Chaim Guggenhein CEO Feuerstein Institute Nov 2016

The FIE Tactile-Kinesthetic Programme
Feuerstein Tactile Instrumental Enrichment Programme (Vimeo < 4 min)

Shoresh Prague 2016 FIE T-K ~ Buutveld
Paper outlining the training done in July 2016

Sabbatical Paper ~ FIE in a Small Rural NZ School ~ Buutveld Feb 2017

Spring Festival / Pet Day Schedule and Entry Forms (Oct 2017)

Keeping Ourselves Safe Parent Info Evening ~ 31 Aug 2017

NYLD Information 2017

Te Hora Marae Visit
1 June 2017 - Info - Con
sent Form - Health Form

KIWI CAN @ Havelock ~ Aquaculture NZ Article Feb 2017

Friends Art Scheme ~ an arts partnership with Denver & Gayton schools in Norfolk UK
Initially 4 - 6 April 2016 Years 3 - 5 ~ Photo Permission Slip

Taiopenga 2016 Programme - Transport Form

Reading Together Programme of Workshops

Maud Island Overnighter
Letter - DoC Info - Quarantine Info - Timetable - Permission - Health

Music FestivalTransport Info for Mon 21 Sep 2015

Scholastic Literacy Pro (formerly Lexile)RideON Cycle Skills Day Fri 22 May 2015

KiwiCan (FYD) Marlborough News

Y7/8 Leadership Camp 11/12 March 2015
Letter for Parents (includes permission slip, gear/food list and Health Profile)

Kiwi Can Tree Planting (Sep 2014)

Cullen Point Run (Jul 2014)  Results