Wakamarina Learning Area

In Term 2 our curriculum topic is Edible Tech (Technology). The children are working with Mrs McLean once a fortnight working on planning an edible garden for our school. The children are using their maths, literacy and design skills to plan out what it takes to make a successful garden. We are hoping to use the children’s plans to turn it into a reality but we are needing some resources and extra help for this.


We are also investigating ‘Can it cheese?’ (Science) which we will be exploring the material world through comparing chemical and physical change. Our essential question through this topic will be: When a cheese is not a cheese can it still be a cheese?

Other exciting plans for this term include involvement in the NZ wide Chapter Chat - A Twitter Book Chat for NZ kids. The twitter chat is based around a chapter book, which is read aloud in class. Students do the provided activities throughout the week and then on Friday they 'tweet' (share) with the rest of the kids in NZ also taking part. 

Bex Learning Hubs for Maths and Literacy are being used to enable students to progress through their learning individually. These google sites provide students with valuable information at their fingertips, to help them advance quicker and also look back, should they need to revisit any learning. 

As always, I welcome whanau/caregivers to come into class at any time to see what's going on for yourself. However, if you would prefer to keep up to date with daily learning online, sign up to your child's SeeSaw account. Details will be out in boomerang books shortly. 

Dates of Interest:

4th June – Queens Birthday
8th June – Wakamarina Assembly
7th – 11th June – Life Education

Toni Johnson